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·          Fix leaking taps - excluding mechanical parts and replacement of taps.

·          Repair leaking toilets (not broken toilets) at inlet, cistern and pan seal - excluding mechanical parts and mechanism.


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Curtain Rails and Light Fittings

·          Re - fix loose curtain rails - where a new hole needs to be made we do include closing old hole but not painting.

·          Fasten loose light fittings.

·          No paintwork included.

Cupboard doors and Handles

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·          Fasten loose cupboard doors and handles.

·          Replace Hinges and Handles of cupboard doors (cost for parts not covered by Maintenance Assist)

·          Fasten oil or replace door locks and hinges not working properly - excluding locks and door replacements.

​Drain & Roof

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·          Unblock drain blockage for grey water pipes -where pipes are inaccessible or not build to regulations and we can’t unblock for that reason we will refer back to agent/home owner with quotation.

·          Fault finding on roof leaks.

​Garages and Gates

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·          Fault finding on garage doors, gate motors -we will fix the problem where it is an obvious small problem like loose screw or wire otherwise pecialized    person will give a quotation.

·          General maintenance on security and outside gates (oil of hinges and locks, fixing loose rolbolts etc.)

Should maintenance be required where parts are excluded, Saturnus Select will send through a quote to the client for approval.


Saturnus Select will at no additional cost attend to the required maintenance.

which will exclude situations where

* specialized professional services are needed.

* where original installation was not done in such a way that normal maintenance can be done.


All of the above repairs will be done at no additional cost to the home owner, tenant or estate agent.

Maintenance Assist Benefits

Saturnus Select will render the following maintenance services with regards to immovable properties for only R150.00 per month.

(Special prices for Rental agents apply, contact us for more info)

Kindly take note of all exclusions.

Taps and Toilets