GPS Tracker

(Global Positioning System Tracker)


Saturnus Select's GPST (Global Positioning System Tracker) application is an application loaded to an Android mobile device via the PlayStore or a web link. This application may be branded to a specific Client.

GPST is backed by CRM and UI access display via a secure URL link.  


GPST is utilised in the following applications: 

  • Security guarding
  • Neighbourhood watch
  • Asset management
  • High-end good transport
  • VIP personnel
  • VIP family

GPST is provides the following information:  

  • Technology GeoLoc
  • Speed
  • Variable time GeoLoc
  • Accuracy
  • Track
  • Date and time
  • Historic data
  • Data backup
  • Application hosting

Each GPST user is logged into a CRM database which can be utilised to manage personnel and times which the user should be locatable. 

All GPST users must have an Android smartphone with sufficient data and battery life for the period that they are utilising the service. 




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